Our Vision

Political Legibility. 


The intensity of civil rights abuses in America leading up to the 2018 Midterm Elections has made it increasingly apparent that LGBTQQIS2A+ youth risk flagrant discrimination and disenfranchisement at the hands of local, state, and federal legislators. It is critical that sexual and gender minority youth interact and engage with the political system to increase voter mobilization and keep critical LGBTQIA+ issues on the ballot. 

The LGBTQ+ Town Hall is a proactive approach to youth political engagement that will increase resource mobilization in order to initiate direct action from voters and legislators in the forthcoming Midterm Election. This campaign consists of social media mobilization, grassroots voter organizing, and a physical town hall event that serves as a unique form of constituent communication that seeks to directly impact the future legislative agenda. LGBTQQIS2A+ youth will have the opportunity to discuss issues of parity, policy and political enfranchisement with their peers, legislators, and stakeholders in the queer community. 

We firmly believe that all key voting issues are inherently LGBTQ+ related issues. Attendees at the LGBTQ+ Town Hall will have the opportunity to discuss educational equity, anti-discrimination legislation, healthcare access, gun violence prevention, immigration, housing, voting rights, transgender troops, and the prison pipeline. From these discussions, legal and political solutions will be generated. The solutions formulated and concepts discussed during the Town Hall will be spread via social and traditional media to reach the maximum audience. A summary report of key issues will be sent to legislators and stakeholders prior to the 2018 Midterm Election. 

Political legibility is the ability for one's identity to be read and understood by society. Through open discussion of the nuances of LGBTQ+ identity, political legibility is increased. 

Everyone, regardless of identity, deserves to feel seen in society. Through political interaction, the LGBTQ+ Town Hall excites young voters for a a more inclusive & equitable future. 


Leah Juliett
Executive Director, Founder

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