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the issues





  • Approximately 1 million LGBTQ-identified adult immigrants in the US today
  • 33% of all LGBTQ immigrants are undocumented
  • 50% of LGBTQ+ immigrants between the age of 18-29 


Immigration is a major LGBTQ+ issue in the United States. Immigrant Detention Centers utilize transphobic and homophobic policies that expose LGBTQ+ detainees to disproportionate levels of abuse and harassment due to their identities. Transgender refugees seeking asylum due to persecution in their home country find difficulty  due to documentation issues and strenuous asylum procedures. Moreover, many LGBTQ+ immigrants are unaware that they can immigrate to the United States with their spouse or partner due to the United State's federal marriage equality law. In order to make the United States Immigration System LGBTQ-accessible, these issues must be rectified with comprehensive legislation.