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Layers of Vulnerability

  • 40% of all homeless youth identity as LGBTQ+
  • 43% of homeless shelter clients identity as LGBTQ+
  • 30% of people using housing programs identify as LGBTQ+
  • Intercessions of race and gender increase vulnerability
  • Increased risk for sexual abuse, substance dependency, social stigma, hate crimes 

The Federal Fair Housing Act

"The Fair Housing Act does not specifically include sexual orientation and gender identity as prohibited bases. However, discrimination against a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) person may be covered by the Fair Housing Act if it is based on non-conformity with gender stereotypes.  For example, if a housing provider refuses to rent to an LGBT person because he believes the person acts in a manner that does not conform to his notion of how a person of a particular sex should act, the person may pursue the matter as a violation of the Fair Housing Act’s prohibition of sex." 


Housing Discrimination Based on HIV/AIDS

"HUD-funded public housing authority and a HUD-funded non-profit developer of low income housing are recipients of federal financial assistance and each would be subject to Section 504’s non-discrimination requirements.  Individuals with disabilities, including HIV/AIDS, are protected from discrimination by the Fair Housing Act and Section 504."

United States Department of Housing and Urban Development